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Millner Primary School


Client: Department of Infrastructure 
Contract Name: Thermal Plant Upgrade Of Air Conditioning Chiller
Site Location:  41 Subine Rd Milner Darwin 0810
Year: 2015
Scope of Work: Upgrade Thermal Plant Of Air Conditioning Chiller


  • Staged demolition of existing plant  
  • New MSSB & BMS
  • Supply and install 2 x AHI Hi Efficiency Water Cooled Screw Chillers
  • Supply and install of new Chilled Water & Condenser Water Pumps
  • Supply and install of 2 x BAC Cooling towers with water silencing
  • Supply and install all new assorted Insulated copper pipe work, Valve Trains & Accessories  
  • Cabling associated with interface of new BMS, switching units and MSSB
  • Fully staged upgrade of the main central plant
  • Design and Construction of new cooling tower plant enclosure
  • Liaison, connection and commissioning of project works to local authority, consultants & engineers  
  • 12 month maintenance programme


FRM faced the challenge of ensuring that the school remained operational once the school closures ended a very little impact to staff & faculty, with a very visual / large building aspect to the project.